• My Mother is....

  • Hey, my name is Abby Secong and I’m 25 and from Banilad, Cebu in the Philippines.


    I reaaaaly need money to pay my school tuition so I am selling my nudes and doing cam shows etc. in exchange for some pesos. 47 Pesos is one dollar US.




    Before you think I am a fake or a bot; I’m not, and I am 100% genuine. You can Google me “Abby Secong” and see my videos which are now removed. I will include a photo here so you can see me. I am 4’9’’ tall and 40 Kilos. I am very sexy.

    You can see some samples on http://www.dailymotion.com/avegail-secong


    You can see me on Imgur if you google "Abby Secong" and click on the link. All my FB friends are there so add them and ask if I am real.

    I can also meet you if you want me to come to you (You pay transportation) or you can come to me home in Banilad, Cebu. See the maps on Imgur.



    I really appreciate anything you can donate and here’s the things you can get.


    Use FX.com as the exchange rate and note the date. I use 1USD = 46 PHP




    200p – Set of 20 recent pics of all body areas.


    400p Above + 5 minute video (with sound and face) of me fingering myself to orgasm c;


    500p Above + 10 Custom pics taken, willing to do any pose and/or show any message you want


    1000p Above + a good session of erotic role play (Or dirty talk if you like) with me doing anything you want


    1200p Above + 30 minute live cam session on anything you like (Skype FB Line etc.) (Can add in role play if you want)




    After that every 100p gets you one more custom pic. Thanks so much for being so generous <3




    I should also tell you I am really open and can squirt and use dildos and accommodate to your filthy and nasty fantasies.   I can degrade you and can be your sex slave and use bondage also. I also use toys of any kind you want me to.




    Please send payment via PayPal to me. You will get all the info you need at abbysecong@hotmail.com and I use Skype/Kik/email to talk with you. Make sure you include the contact info in your email. Please note that you need to be sure to send the money to a friend/family and not as a payment for goods and services otherwise I can’t withdraw it. Western Union is also acceptable if you contact me.




    I will NOT send anymore photos or videos until payment is made.


    Thank you for trusting me and if you want samples, Google me and use quotes “Abby Secong” or “Avegail Cubcoban Secong”


    Thank you so much and I hope to talk to you soon! <3


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